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Congratulations, You're Having a Baby!

Birth is a natural rite of passage, but often a journey into the unknown.  Partner with Birthing Tree doula services for care, education and comprehensive guidance for every step of the way.   We at Birthing Tree understand the physiology of birth and your needs while in labor and beyond. We would love to support you during your transition from womanhood to motherhood.


Why Doula Support?

So many ask the question, what is a doula or why would I need one if I have a partner to support me?

A doula is going to be your unbiased sister. Your biggest cheerleader! Your emotional and physical support. Your doula will also be someone who can provide you with resources when you need them to make an informed decision. We are basically here to be your rock and your google all in one super handy human form!

A doula is a Greek word for women's helper. At Birthing Tree, LLC we like to take that a step further and call ourselves family helpers.

Our main role of course will be to support the mother to be, however working with the mother's partner is our other biggest goal.