Placenta Services

The fourth trimester is often over looked for so many mothers. It appears that you have researched your postpartum options and are making way for your optimum postpartum experience. During the planning of your birth you should consider what plans you want to make for the fourth trimester...after baby is here. 


You are able to choose every aspect of it; Utilizing your placenta to replenish and heal your body, postpartum doula services to support the transition of a new baby in your home, meals to nourish the family, assistance with sibling care , herbs for rebalancing and the list goes on.


Through Birthing Tree placenta services you can choose from a number of placenta services that best fit your needs. You can choose from the raw food method of encapsulation, basic heated capsules, placenta tincture, placenta salve, or a combination of the options offered. There are also options for keepsakes which are made with the cord and placenta prints in a variety of colors. 


Pricing $225

The fee includes pick up of placenta from hospital, home, or birth center, prep, placenta print, cord keepsake, and drop off of capsules. (local area). Services to add to encapsulation service...

*Military Discount 10%

  • Placenta Salve $25

  • Placenta Tincture $25

  • Dreamcatcher Keepsake $25

  • Upgraded Print on Canvas $40

  • Out of local service area $50-75

Pensacola placenta encapsulation


What is placentophagy?

It is the ingestion of a human placenta postpartum either in raw or altered form (e.g.,encapsulated, tincture, prepared as a food) Numerous historical occurrences of placentophagy have been recorded throughout the world. Since the 1970s, however, consumption of the placenta believing that it has health benefits has been a growing practice among postpartum women.

What are the proclaimed benefits of consuming your placenta?

Consuming your placenta postpartum can assist in preventing and lessening the risk of postpartum depression or ‘baby blues’. Help replenish your iron from blood loss during birth and to prevent post birth anemia. It will play a part in lending you a consistent flow of oxytocin long after your birth euphoria ends. Consumption will provide the HPL hormone to help establish early and healthy milk supply. It will also assist in stabilizing your ever changing hormones post birth. Ingestion can help replenish your B vitamins and energy that were used during the labor and birthing process.Consuming will provide protection from infection and bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membranes, and offer natural pain relief from the labor and birth of the baby.


What are the risk of consuming your placenta?

Unsanitary conditions can result in viral and bacterial contamination. Improper sanitizing techniques can put you at risk for cross contamination, the spreading of bloodborne pathogens and rancid blood.


Pathology will play a role in your placenta consumption. When the placenta is sent to pathology there are always risk associated. There is a chance that the placenta has been contaminated with chemicals, that the equipment used for examination has not been properly sterilized and even the placenta that was returned may not belong to you.


Too-little dehydration at not a high enough temperature, or if it was ground and encapsulated prematurely you run the risk of fungus, mold and bacterial contamination. This can make you and your breastfeeding baby very ill.


How does Birthing Tree prepare placenta remedies?

Proper training, sanitation, and handling techniques are key with all placenta remedies that distributed by Birthing Tree, LLC. In the 60+ placentas that have been encapsulated all have been encapsulated under OSHA blood borne pathogen guidelines specific to placentas as well as the guildelines as a certified Florida Food Handler. 


The safety guidelines of handling your placenta correctly from start to finish are at the top of my list when preparing a placenta remedy. Not only do I adhere strictly to the OSHA blood borne pathogen guidelines but I also stand firm for all of the Food Safety guidlines as well. You do have to consider that this is a consumable item just as any meat that you would consume so you want it to be handled with care and "cooked" appropraitely so that no contamination occurs. 


Tinctures are only made with high grade 100 proof alcohol to ensure quality of your tincture. All OSHA guidelines as well as sanitation and food safety are upheld for the tincture process just as they are with encapsulation. 


Salves are made as a bi-product from the capsules. All standards are held in high regard when crafting our salves so that you get top quality each time. 


Placenta Encapsulation is not regulated by the FDA or the Florida Department of Health. Services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or symptom. Statements regarding dietary supplements, as well as the contents of this site, and the methods used by Birthing Tree, LLC are not reviewed or approved by the FDA. Those who choose to consume their placenta assume full responsibility for their own actions and health.


The bottom line on placenta consumption...

There is little research available to either support or oppose the tradition of placenta encapsulation. There are a number of proclaimed benefits of the custom, and limited risks if the placenta is prepared and handled correctly from start to finish.

If you feel that placenta encapsulation is right for you, be sure to contact me to set up your placenta service today!