Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one. -Gloria Steinem

Our mission

Birthing Tree provides nonjudgmental and compassionate support to families during the childbearing years. By expanding doula care to include community outreach and a plethora of other services we desire to engage the community and build strong relationships within.

We honor and respect the diversity not only of each of our client’s unique lives and opinions but those of the Obstetricians and Midwives we have the opportunity of serving beside.

We trust that all of our clients have the inherent strength to know what is best for their bodies and families as well as their futures.

We are also dedicated to collaborative maternity care between our clients and their care providers so that they may have the best outcome possible.

We believe that a commitment to lifelong learning is essential to being a successful birth professional and are always learning new skills from our communities, educational institutes and the other professionals we serve beside.

We actively cultivate diversity, not as an endpoint but as a process to build strength and wisdom; not only in our work but our personal lives as well.

We know that we can only be as successful as our clients are happy. That is why we choose to treat each of our contacts with honor and dignity.


With having pregnancies somewhat out of the norm we wanted to share with mothers that there were more choices than what meets the naked eye. 

When we began to learn about evidence based care and what that could mean for mothers we were blown away and wanted to share our passion with other expectant families.

Creating a trusted family care system and knowing that you have the best team in your possession can be the difference of having a magnificent birth or having one with regrets.

We work diligently to learn a variety of birth techniques, positions, and pain relief within our doula scope of practice.

Collaborative maternity care within the community means  that we have the frame work to assist you in all of your pre and postnatal needs in a timely manner.

Education amplifies your choices for your birth and we will be by your side each step of the way never judging your choices and gently assisting where we are needed most.