Lactation Support

Support during your breastfeeding journey is such a key factor in how your nursing relationship goes. It has been statistically proven that women who do not have a strong support system during their breastfeeding journey will often give up if they hit any speed bumps along the way.

With supported lactation we can assist in many ways with gentle guidance and possible solutions. If a diagnosis is needed we are happy to refer outward into the local IBCLC community so that you get the best help possible.


Assistance With:

  • Latch

  • Over/Under Supply

  • Overactive Letdown

  • Colic Issues

  • Painful Nursing

  • Thrush

  • General Nursing Knowledge


You can also find great info and connect with many like minded mothers for peer support at LaLeche League of Pensacola.

Meetings are the first Thursday of each month at 10am located at

Ever’Man Natural Foods Community Room

 315 W. Garden Street Pensacola FL 32502.