Personalized Birth Care

Pensacola doula services


At Birthing Tree, we are delighted to be able to offer specialized care and support for our clients. You are never just another client to us! You are a face, a name, a story, and a family that we get to interact and grow with. We are honored to be able to spend quality time with you prior to the intimate moments at your birth. We offer a thoughtfully crafted variety of services to fit your families’ needs. The doulas at Birthing Tree provide a consistent model of care with their clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your birth experience is tailored in a way that is suitable for you.


Our purpose is to guide, listen, motivate, support, and respect you. We will respect your decisions during your pregnancy and labor and provide an overall pleasant experience. By having a doula collective, we can draw from each other’s knowledge and offer the very best in progressive holistic care during your childbearing years. We understand that not all families want a natural birth and in those cases, we are supportive in the choices you make. We provide guidance, so that you can make the best decisions for you and your baby. You will also be provided with informative research to help you develop your personalized birth plan.

At your prenatal appointments, we will meet in an environment that is comfortable for you. Whether that be your home or a coffee shop, we will come to you! We want you to feel safe and secure discussing your intimate needs and asking open questions.

During your labor, we will be there to help provide physical, emotional, and informational support. We are also there to assist your partner in any needs they may have. We know birth and your partner knows you. Together, we work as a team to provide a relaxing, memorable, and empowering birth experience.

We have recently added a new member to our collective, Kristal Peterson. She is completing her doula and postpartum certification with Childbirth International. We are pleased to have her join us and know that she will be an excellent addition to our team. We are excited about the future for Birthing Tree and eager to share with you what all we have planned. We have been busy working on projects that we are thrilled to bring to our community.